Spraying Service



Before Treatment:

  1. Make sure all furniture has arrived.
  2. Remove small objects from funritnure.
  3. Open window a ventiliated environment.
  4. Cover sensitive items (art, expensive furniture etc.)

During Treatment:

    1. You can stay on site if desired, but wearing a mask is strongly recommended.
    2. If you are not present on site please lock all valuable items.
    3. We will appply a protective layer on non-sprayable surface (please specify if there is any particular area you do NOT wish to spray.
    4. The whole process will take 1-2hrs (depending on size of site).
    Captura de pantalla 2018-03-21 a las 21.30.19.png

    After Treatment:

    1. Please do not clean/rub the sprayed service for 24 hours.
    2. Keep the room ventilated.
    3. In certain material service there might be slight resideue, Raze’s service include a cleaning session 2-3 days after treatment (OPTIONAL).